Rules For Exhibitors

  1. All entries received subject to the Rules and By-Laws of Gilgandra Show Society Inc. (The Society)
  2. All competitive exhibits must be the bona-fide property of exhibitor except where otherwise stated on Schedule. Exhibitors of stock will be required to furnish all particulars as to age and pedigree of each exhibit; also breeder’s name – where such is known – and such other information as the Committee may require or demand, and a declaration from each exhibitor of sheep must accompany their entries, stating how the sheep have been fed (either on natural grasses or artificially; if artificially, what food has been used, whether such sheep have been housed, and if so, for what period; the date of shearing and that the sheep have been honestly shorn, and whether by hand or machine; and that the particulars given in the entry are true and correct). The Committee reserve for themselves the right to disqualify any exhibits improperly entered, or regarding which any false statements have been made. If any doubts arise as the correctness of the declaration of any exhibitor, such exhibitor shall not be entitled to any prize which may be awarded to them until the Committee shall have satisfactory proof that the declaration is correct; and any exhibitor having made a false declaration shall be subject to any of the following penalties: Forfeiture of the prize, loss of right to exhibit in the future, and expulsion from the Show and/or Society.
  3. Every care shall be taken of the exhibits, but the Society will not be responsible for any loss or death.
  4. In a section where there is only one exhibit, half the prize only may be awarded; but if judges certify that the exhibit is of exceptional merit, they may award a prize. Judges may award second instead of first.
  5. Any person interfering with the judges during the time they are adjudicating may be removed from the ground.
  6. Should any dispute arise as to the awarding of prizes the matter will be referred to the Committee, whose decision will be final.
  7. Protest, with $20 deposit, which will be forfeited if the protest be deemed frivolous, must be lodged in writing with the secretary within two hours after the award is made.
  8. All exhibits must be on the ground before 9.30am and until 4:30pm each day of the Show, unless by special permission of the Stewards, under penalty of $5.
  9. Exhibitors will render themselves liable to a penalty of $10 for removing or by affixing any placard, ticket, or ribbon, except by instruction of the Stewards, who shall incur no responsibility by putting these regulations into force. All ribbons and tickets must be removed from exhibits while they are being judged.
  10. Only ribbons and prize tickets won at the Show can be affixed to exhibits while on the Showground.
  11. Proved wilful misrepresentation of exhibits or failure to Parade will not merely forfeit the prize but render the exhibitor liable to be disqualified from exhibiting at any future Show or Shows registered under the Royal Agricultural Association of New South Wales.
  12. The Committee reserves the right to refuse or cancel any event or entry without giving reason for doing so.
  13. The Committee reserves the right to change, add, combine or delete any classes without notice.
  14. Gilgandra Show Society does not accept any responsibility for any damage or injury caused by Stallions whilst in attendance at the Show.
  15. Entry Fee minimum 50¢ each, except where otherwise specified. Late entries double fee.
  16. All exhibitors are required to pay the Show admission charge.
  17. All prizes and prizemoney not collected before the close of Show will be forfeited.


ASC Individual Waivers must be completed by anyone at the Show who is:

  • competing in horse events
  • responsible for handling animals
  • competing in physical activities such as wood chopping, farmers challenge, lawn mower racing, etc.

Waivers and livestock forms are available to download from our schedule page.

Livestock Regulations

All stock must comply with NSW legislation in relation to animal movement and stock identification. Failure to do so may result in entries being ruled invalid, and awards forfeited.

The Gilgandra Showground PIC number is NJ225056.

Horse Exhibitors must complete all sections of the ASC Individual Waiver and the ASC Horse Health Declaration. Each horse with which the competitor is involved in competition at the Show must be listed together with the Property Identification Code (PIC) of the property from which the horse came to the Show.

Cattle Exhibitors must complete all sections of the ASC Individual Waiver, and a National Cattle Health Declaration. In addition, Exhibitors must provide certification that animals entered for competition in all Cattle Classes, including calves at foot, have been tested for Pestivirus and certified as non-PI (Persistently Infected). Certification must be provided in the form of a laboratory report or signed veterinary certificate, listing animals and their identification. Animals previously tested and certified as non-PI are not required to be retested, however certification must be provided.

Sheep Exhibitors must complete all sections of the ASC Individual Waiver, a National Sheep Health Statement, and provide a National Vendor Declaration.

Poultry Exhibitors: are required to provide a PIC number for any holding on which is held 100 or more chickens, turkeys, guinea fowl, ducks, geese, quail, pigeons (including racing pigeons), pheasant or partridge and 10 or more of emus and/or ostriches. The onus is on individual property and stock owners to comply with PIC requirements under Clause 29 of the Stock Diseases Act 2009. There is no active surveillance for, or compliance of, PIC’s for properties on which Poultry are held.