Gilgandra Show Young Woman Competition

The Young Woman Competition (formerly Showgirl) aims to find a young woman to act as an ambassador for rural NSW with her role involving many official and informal duties both at the Sydney Royal Easter Show and during her travel’s interstate and overseas.

Coordinator: Rochelle Easman 0413 223 592

Open to all girls residing within the Gilgandra LGA who will be aged between 18-25 years at the following year’s Royal Easter Show.

From local level to state final

Following an entrant’s success at their local Show, the Young Woman then goes on to a Zone Final. Each local Show Society is a member of one of fourteen groups who come under the umbrella of the ASC. Two groups combine to form one of seven Zones that make up the NSW area. In January/February/March of each year, at Zone Finals the Zone judges select, from all the local winners put forward by each of the individual Societies, a representative for the State Final. The number of representatives a Zone can have is based on the total number of entrants that are put forward by their two groups: if 1–10 Zone Finalists then a Zone can have one (1) State Final representative; 11–17 Zone Finalists then a Zone can have two (2) State Final representatives. If Zone 6 or 7 have more than 17 Zone Finalists, they can have three (3) State Final Representatives. The sponsors of the event provide the judges for the Zone Finals. The ASC advises each Zone who their judges will be. At no time should the judges’ names be promoted or advertised prior to the judging.

The State Final for the Competition is conducted by the RAS at the Sydney Royal Easter Show and usually has between 14 and 16 entrants. Judges are selected by the RAS. Judging criteria is based on personality, confidence, ambitions/goals, general knowledge, rural knowledge, presentation, and diction/speech. In addition to a twenty-minute interview, the finalists partake in various social functions in which the above elements are judged. A Presentation Ceremony is held at the Show where two prizes are awarded – the State Final Winner (1st Place) and First Runner Up (2nd Place). All finalists stay in Sydney for seven days as guests of the RAS while the winner of the State Final and the second placegetter will be asked to remain in Sydney as guests of the RAS to perform official duties at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Gilgandra Honour Roll

  • 2024 Tahlee-Rose Duffy
  • 2023 Emma Hutchison
  • 2022 Kathryn Alchin
  • 2021 Kate Banks
  • 2020 (Show not held)
  • 2019 Lydia Scotti
  • 2018 Jenna Barwick
  • 2016 Kirsten Morris
  • 2015 Kaarin Kelly
  • 2013 Madeline Burrell
  • 2012 Eliza Barwick
  • 2011 Tegan Moss
  • 2009 Emma McCutcheon
  • 2008 Connie Easman
  • 2007 Angela Meers
  • 2006 Christine Furnell
  • 2005 Amiee Vernon
  • 2004 Rebecca Thornhill
  • 2003 Naomi Allen
  • 2002 Melissa Wilson
  • 2001 Tatum Brennan
  • 2000 Rochelle Easman
  • 1999 Melinda Zell
  • 1998 Frances Donnet
  • 1997 Megan Welch
  • 1996 Melinda Johnson
  • 1995 Machallie Parks
  • 1989 Lorraine Marchant
  • 1988 Bernadette Langham
  • 1987 Jodie Whalan
  • 1986 Sue White
  • 1985 Samantha Diggs
  • 1984 Fiona Gale
  • 1976 Zel McAllister
  • 1963 Kaye Foran